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By Johan Marais

Dedicated to Promoting the Understanding and the Conservation of our Native Reptiles through Communication, Education and Interaction.

FGASA - Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
International Society of Zoological Sciences
NOSA Approved snake awareness and snake handling courses
Travel Doctor

Welcome to Johan Marais's African Snake Bite Institute!

Johan Marais, internationally known herpetologist and author of numerous books on Snakes and Reptiles in Southern Africa is now offering various exciting new African Snakebite Institute to reptile enthusiasts, corporate and industrial bodies including:

  1. Training courses for reptile enthusiasts and persons in the wildlife industries including:
    • Snake and Reptile Awareness, Snake Handling including venomous snakes, First Aid for Snake Bite & Emergency Procedure. Read more
    • Successful delegates will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course
  1. Corporate Talks & Demonstrations - read more
  2. Environmental Impact Assessments: Assessments on reptiles and amphibians for EIA reports, conducted throughout Africa.
  3. Reptile Safaris into the more interesting parts of Southern Africa. The safaris are offered to keen naturalists and herpetologists. The safaris will be to view as many reptiles and amphibians in a given area with the emphasis on photography. No reptiles or amphibians will be removed from the wild. Johan Marais has done extensive field work in Southern Africa including Namibia. Such a safari can be quite rustic with a fair amount of camping or in luxury accommodation, depending on your requirements.

Accreditation and Endorsement:

  • B-BBEE Level 4 Company
  • Johan Marais is accredited by the International Society of Zoological Sciences, International Health Management Consultants and the Travel Doctor.
  • He is an endorsed Training Provider registered with the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA).
  • The snake awareness and snake handling courses have been approved by NOSA
  • Johan has been appointed as the Snake Expert for Tygerberg Poison Information Centre, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University



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New Mobile App: Snakebite First Aid in Southern Africa. Download link: Or go to The App Store For Apple - or: Google Play for Adroid phones. Only R59.99.

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Snake Posters. All posters have been updated 20 Feb. 2015. Posters for Durban and Witbank added. German poster for Namibia added on 6/1/2015. Portuguese poster for Mozambique added on 18/2/2015. See list of all posters. For Sale: Snake Equipment, Books, etc

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Newsletter - ASI Reptile News. January 2015.


Half day advanced first aid courses for snakebite, also covering scorpion sting and spider bite are on offer from November 2014.

Snake Handling Courses

Thursday 19 February 2015 at Apex Predators, East London.

Saturday 21 February 2015. Port Elizabeth.


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Free!Free Snake Posters ! Download: (Use "Save target as...")

Posters for Harmless Snakes as well as Regional Venomous Snake Posters for provinces in the RSA as well as for Bostwana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya are also available. Dangerous Snakes in Namibia in German and in Portuguese for Mozambique. See: Downloads

New Mobile App: Snakebite First Aid in Southern Africa. Download link: Or go to:

New 2014 UPCOMING SNAKE TRAINING COURSES (Snake Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling):

newThursday 19 February 2015 at Apex Predators, East London. One day course in Snake Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling.

new Saturday 21 February 2015. Bayworld, Port Elizabeth. One day course in Snake Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling.

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Products for Sale. Pricelist and Details: Snake Handling Equipment, Books, Posters, Clothing, etc Updated Feb. 2015


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New Problem Snake Removal Contacts. See List of contacts for South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya and the USA

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